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Its etymology is still being studied, in the Middle Ages it was called "Castrum Sambucetoli" therefore Sanct Focetoli and in the eighteenth century" Sambucetoli" and finally Sambucetole. The earliest documents that mention it are those of the reforms of 1308 so its origin goes back to a previous period. In 1408 Francesco degli Atti, perhaps in retaliation for the siege of the castle of Sismano which belonged to him , devastated Sambucetole. Not much later, in 1413 it was completely destroyed by Paolo Orsini, captain of the militia of the patrimony of the Church.
Since in 1425 the population hadn’t yet returned to the castle, the town of Amelia, concerned about not having a presence of active defense, entered into an agreement with Nicholas Artemisi, a nobleman from Amelia. He undertook the granting of privileges to allow 50 families of slaves to live in the castle, he succeeded, doing so with 34 families who in time have passed on their names, of Slavic origin. Of the ancient fortification remain some parts of the walls and towers. Sambucetole is 366m above sea level and about 9 km from Amelia. the town's patron saint is called Saint Matteo, whose feast is celebrated on May 16.

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