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Collicelo lies on the wooded hill from whom it takes its name. It is the farthest village of Amelia but perhaps the most characteristic since it has almost entirely preserved its appearance of a medieval village with its gates and towers. In the past it was the last bastion of Amelia before the domains of Todi. A few hundred meters away are the remains of Castello di Canale, previously a possession of the powerful family of Clairvaux. The narratives say that it was conquered in 1462 and later, by order of Pope Pius II, it was completely dismantled. Going up among the woods, on the streets of Galisciano, after about a mile you reach the ruins of the convent of San Francesco, with adjacent to a chapel and a cave. Collicello is 435m above sea level and about 15 km from Amelia. Its patron saint is St. John the Evangelist to whom the parish church is dedicated. The feast is celebrated on the last Sunday of June.

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