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It’s the nearest village to Amelia, located on a small wooded hill from where one can enjoy a picturesque view. According to tradition, it was founded by fugitives from the island of Corsica due to Saracen invasions. In some 19th century documents it is reported as "castrum focis" and in fact it must have been an important medieval castle fought for continuously between Amelia, Narni and Todi. When Amelia was destroyed by Federico II, Foce took the opportunity to pass under the protection of Narni but later, thanks to the intervention of Pope Alexander VI it was returned to Amelia. A good part of the castle walls, a door, a tower and the Romanesque church of San Gregorio are still visible today. Noteworthy too are the Cistercian monastery and the adjoining Marian Sanctuary where an old fresco of a miraculous image of the Virgin is venerated. According to legend, it was discovered in a shrine under the hill.
The village is situated at an altitude of 450 m above sea level and is 5 ½ km from Amelia, its patron saint is St. Gregory the martyr to whom the parish church is dedicated . The feast is celebrated on the second Sunday of May.

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