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The road to Macchie starts just outside the city of Amelia, directly after the Roman bridge .
Within a few kilometers this scenic road offers visitors a pleasant and relaxing stay in close contact with nature. The altitude of the village is 552m above sea level and it is 9 km from Amelia. The patron saint of the village is St. Nicholas of Bari.
The village of Macchie, the ancient "castrum Machiae", surrounded by forests, is at the end of a smooth valley that it seems both to dominate and protect. It was born at the foot of an ancient castle of which remain some parts of the walls, the entrance door and a part of the tower. A walk through these historic remains lead you to a church, dedicated to St. Nicholas. Also interesting is a small church, nearby, dedicated to Our Lady of the hill. The area of Macchie is linked to the historic events of Amelia, to whom it belonged, and, given its location at the border, Macchie had often suffered destruction and fires because of disputes between Amelia, Todi and Alviano.

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