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Permanent artistic nativity scene. Cathedral.

Always open for visits from 10.00am to 12.00pm and from 04.00pm to 06.30pm

Interesting reproduction of the environments of Palestine of the time, the Crib was realized by Dr. Chiappafreddo Carlo (1914-1967), and it is located inside the Cathedral. The central view of the crib is inserted in a large cave framed by stalactites and a particular opening between the rocks from which you can see the sky. On the right there is the Grotto of the Nativity with the Cities of Jerusalem, Nazareth and the Lake of Tiberias: through the luminous variations it goes from dawn to full day and from sunset to deep night.

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Permanent Artistic Crib. Convent SS.Annunziata Loc. Montenero (Amelia).

Always open for visits from 9.00am to 7.00pm.

Work of the Spanish artist Juan Maria Oliva, the Crib is composed of suggestive scenes and dioramas inspired by the nativity. The scene is made up formed by a large central opening and two lateral ones; on the left there is the Holy Grotto, flanked by a large natural holm oak tree, which preciously frames the whole construction; in the center a waterfall with five jumps works as an invitation to the Palestinian landscape, where the Lake of Jericho, the Jordan River, Jericho, Cana of Galilee and Jerusalem are reproduced; finally, on the right, a building and an alley of Bethlehem. A play of light makes the visitors pass from the day to the deep starry night, on the night sky, the moon, the trajectory of comets and the slow passage of the Angel, attract the visitors’ attention. In the adjacent room, through numerous dioramas, the life of Jesus is represented, from the Annunciation to the deposition in the Holy Sepulchre.

Inside the Convent, you can also visit the planetarium under whose large dome, the vault of heaven can be admired, together with the most famous constellations of the northern and southern hemisphere.

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