Turismo Amelia

andare per cantine

In this territory, the cultivation of olives, widespread since ancient times, produces a particularly popular extra virgin olive oil, which is the real secret of the local cuisine. The quality and the purity of this product is ensured by the many local mills, which still obtain it by grinding with a stone mill or by traditional methods. Each year, from November to February, a lot of local mills introduce the “novello” oil, with tastings based on bruschetta, slivers of toasted bread scented with garlic (for those who like it) and plenty of oil.

A protected designation of origin, covering the Colli Amerini, exists and the Municipality of Amelia is part of the Association “Strada dell’Olio DOP Umbria”. This association was set up to fully promote this typical product of excellent quality, extra virgin olive oil, made from the Moraiolo, Leccino, Rajo and Frantoio varieties, in an area that is still largely free of parasites and therefore does not require the use of fungicides, allowing for completely natural cultivation.