Turismo Amelia

Convento dei Cappuccini

The Convent, a few kilometers from the center, is located in an admirable panoramic position immersed in the silent green of a forest; formerly a hospice for pilgrims and the sick (1156), then home to the “Nuns of San Magno”, in the century. XVI (1550), The complex (known as “San Giacomo de redere”) passed to the Capuchin Friars Minor

Recently enlarged and renovated, it can accommodate pilgrims and tourists eager to restore their spirit.In the church you can admire: a beautiful canvas attributed to the square, depicting “The Madonna with Saints”; a remarkable “wooden crucifix” placed in the place; a precious painting of “The Last Supper” placed in the refectory.

At the center of the cloister a modern statue of St. Francis of Assisi has recently been placed, the work of the sculptor Aurelio De Felice.